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Tyan Tiger MP (S2460)
I will be the first to admit it, the Abit BP6 did more for the multiprocessor community than any other single product that I can remember. Who could fault cheap power? Anyone interested in some inexpensive power could run over to Pricewatch and order themselves up an Abit BP6 and a pair of Celeron 366's and overclock those bad-boys to 550mhz... EACH!

Mobo makers warm up in August
A steady increase in incoming orders gave Taiwan motherboard makers a welcome boost in August, and many companies are setting new records. Microstar recorded an all-time monthly high of NT$3.63 billion for August and output shot back up to the million-unit mark. Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has not finished August calculations, but industry insiders are saying there’s a very good chance it will set a new record high as well.

The Pentium 4 gets SDRAM Intel's 845 and VIA's P4X266 chipsets
INTEL's PENTIUM 4 HAS SPENT its life until now mated exclusively to Rambus DRAM on Intel's 850 chipset. That fact hasn't particularly harmed its performance; we recently crowned the 2GHz version of the P4 the new king of x86 performance. The P4's use of RDRAM, however, has almost certainly harmed its market acceptance.

i850 (Socket 423) based Motherboards
Well, you can say that the guys writing the reviews on motherboards are a bit touched: first they published an article about the absolutely unnecessary Pro266. Now they are going to tell us about too expensive i850 based boards coupled with an outdated Socket-423. Well, but let me justify myself.

"Voltage MOD for PIII Motherboards - The Wire Trick"
A lot of people with a CUSL2 series motherboard suffer from what is generally known as "The Cold Boot Problem". The Cold Boot Problem comes into play when you have a processor that needs more than its default voltage to POST (initial Power On Self Test) at a certain speed.

Soltek SL-75DRV VIA KT266 socket A DDR
Like all of Soltek's boards, the SL-75DRV makes a great first impression. The SL-75DRV is based on the VIA KT266 chipset, but isn't content to simply copy other, similar motherboards that have made it to market. Instead, Soltek has packed it with a number of compelling Overclocking functions that users won't find anywhere else. Soltek has also displayed their usual generosity in the software department, by including a bundle that puts many competitors to shame.

EPoX 8KHA & 8K7A+
A lot of time passed by since DDR became available to the end users and we still can't say that it has established its complete domination over the other platforms. Simply put: AMD, VIA and even less ALi were able to prove that a symbolic performance differences justify the money investment, which is still higher than the one needed for getting one of the many, but very reliable, models based on VIA KT133A chipset. Still, situation started to change in the last few months …

Pentium 4's new home
Intel takes a small step backwards with the use of the i845 chipset, but also quite a leap towards the customer. We tested how the new i845 mainboards: Asus P4B, Gigaybyte GA-81DXH, MSI 845 Pro2-R and QDI PlatiniX 2 managed to combine the Pentium 4 with PC133 RAM.

Transcend TS-ALR4 Review
Transcend, a company big in the memory business but a virtual no show on the motherboard map has released a couple of new boards in he last few months. The TS-ALR4 is one of the first boards from Transcend to be released that features the ALI Magik chipset, which has been known to be a lukewarm performer at its best.

Sys Technology Taskmaster 950D
It's widely assumed that using an AMD processor enables vendors to create less-expensive computers with all the features, and about as much power, as an equivalent Intel system. At first look, Sys Technology's TaskMaster 950D and its 950MHz AMD Duron CPU seem to contradict that belief. Looking closer at the system's components, however, reveals they do justify the TaskMaster's price of $1,279, second-highest in this group.

ECS Elitegroup K7S5A
Now what we should say a lot. A Review, which certainly(safely) from the fan's municipality AMD how the K7S5A board was expected, longingly. With the board ECS as the first manufacturer shows a marketable Mainboard basing at SiS' to 735 GDR SDRAM chip sentence for AMD processors and just around this the rumors curl since his(its) presentation on different prototype platforms with regard to his(its) fantastic performances(achievements), compared to the competition and also his(its) price and performance relation.

Tyan Tiger MP Dual Athlon Motherboard
Now that the dust has settled from the introduction of the multiprocessor Athlon a few months back, the time has come to bring these boards down to the consumer level. Everyone who's seen anything about dual processor Athlon systems knows how impressive the performance is, especially as this is AMD's first true SMP-compatible processor, paired with a brand new motherboard chipset.


Obrovský obchod, který pohne světem počítačů
Již v minulém týdnu jsme se zmiňovali o tom, že se nakupovalo, a co na to řekl v prvních dnech trh. Čas pokročil a my se můžeme nyní na celou věc podívat poněkud obšírněji. Co se to vlastně stalo? Nic malého. Společnosti HEWLET-PACKARD a COMPAQ souhlasily se svým vzájemným sloučením, které má postupně v etapách probíhat až do roku 2003. A kdo bude spíše v roli chutného sousta a čí bude to plné břicho?

Gigabyte myslí na své zákazníky
Nové základní desky Gigabyte obsahují velice zajímavé funkce, které potěší většinu počítačových kutilů. Jednou z desek podporujících například změnu jazyka BIOSu je i novinka GA-8ITXR.
První čipová sada pro Pentium 4 s podporou DDR333
SiS 645 je první čipová sada určená pro Pentium 4, která podporuje paměťové moduly DDR333 – můžete se u nich také setkat s označením PC2700, to podle maximální přenosové rychlosti, která činí 2.7 GB/s. Další podporované paměťové moduly jsou ...
VIA a P4X266 byl jen začátek...
Společnost VIA jasně ukázala, jak odpoví na výhružky a hrozby firmy Intel ohledně nelegálnosti a neoprávněnosti vydávat čipsety pro "jejich" procesory Pentium 4...

RAF'S hardware
14:04 ECS Elitegroup P4IBMS a P4IBAS BIOS
13:59 ECS Elitegroup K7S5A BIOS
13:51 Matrox G550 v4.92.001
13:48 Nové BIOSy pro Asus

Overclocking: Duron 600@1150MHz Každých 15 minút som musel vymieňať 6 litrov vody, no stálo to zato.

Nový BIOS pro ECS K7S5A (z 16.8.2001, druhá revize BIOSu)
Nový BIOS pro ECS K7VTA3 (v1.1b)

NanoTherm vs. Arktic Silver II
Další testy teplovodivé pasty NanoTherm. Tentokráte zvítězil o fous Arktic Silver II...


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