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MSI K7T266 Pro2
Recently two new chips are being announced together by VIA namely VIA P4X (P4X266) and VIA KT266A. As we know in the reference board tests both the chip outperformed in comparison to the currently available. Also, I did a comparison different VIA P4X (P4X266) boards available in the market with the Intel 845 and intel 850 chipset based boards here. Also, to highlight in all the test VIA P4X266 chipset proved itself.

MSI Mainboard BIOS Updates
MSI's K7T Turbo, K7T Turbo Limited Edition, K7T Pro2-A, 6330 Lite and 6330LE3 mainboards. Here's what's new; -Update AMD recommend CPU string for Palomino CPU (1.5Ghz & above) -Add logo enable/disable item for K7T Turbo Limited www.msi.com.tw

IWill KK266+ Motherboard
First things first. I would Like to thank Advanced Design of Kentucky (ADK for short) for providing me with the chance to review this great motherboard. They have some of the best prices around, what's that? Not a "do it yourselfer"? Not a problem, Advanced Design builds computers that rival (and most often beat the sock off) systems built by other top system builders. Now on with our review

Iwill KK266+
Iwill has recently made overclocking headlines with the release of their KT133A offering, the KK266. That board performed extremely well and proved to be the most stable and most overclockable board in its league. It has become the favorite of most overclockers because of its design and its stability at overclocked speed.

DDR333 enhancing presence from P4 to AMD-platform market
Recently 333MHz DDR SDRAM (DDR333) has been more and more favored by chipset makers, with companies expanding their DDR333 lines from Pentium 4 terrain into the AMD Socket A segment. Following the launch of its DDR333-supporting, Pentium 4-based SiS645 chipset, Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) has been sending samples of DDR333-based chipsets supporting AMD processors, the SiS745 (discrete) and SiS750 (integrated), to motherboard companies for design and testing. The company plans to enter volume production of the two products in October.

If some manufacturers had brought their(her) boards on the basis of via chip sentence KT266 in the market already surely early, ASUS sent their(her) product only few weeks ago in the running. Just the fan's municipality ASUS has expected to this Mainboard longingly.

Soyo SY-K7ADA Motherboard
Soyo Computer Inc. has been around for the past 16 years. Originally established in 1985 and based in Taiwan, Soyo now has over 400 employees and branches in 6 different countries. Soyo can definitely lay claim to being a true global computer component manufacturer.

The Iwill KK266Plus KT133A Motherboard
Recently, we were presented with the opportunity to review one of Iwill's Socket-A motherboards. We haven't had much experience with Iwill's products here at HotHardware, so we jumped at the opportunity to get their KK266Plus in our lab. There is no denying that Iwill has made quite a splash lately, releasing a string of high performing, well equipped motherboards targeted directly at the enthusiast market.

Abit KG7-RAID, AMD Athlon, Duron DDR motherboard review.
Our look at Abit KG7-RAID with AMD761 chipset for AMD Athlon & Duron Processors and DDR-SDRAM memory. The Abit KG7-RAID motherboard with DDR-SDRAM gives excellent performance and stability. Our Abit KG7-RAID motherboard review and performance comparison. Abit KG7-RAID.

VIA C3 733MHz Processor
Since IBM released their first PC based on the Intel 8086 processor twenty years ago, there have been 3 major players in the x86 chip industry. Intel was, of course, the biggest, and still is. However, a few years after the first 8086 chips were used in IBM and IBM compatible machines, 2 other companies began creating x86 compatible processors. These companies were AMD and Cyrix. There were others (IDT for example), but their chips were not nearly as popular as the other three.
www.acidhardware.com Intel Pentium 4 vs. AMD Athlon - a First Look
I’m sure this will be the first of a series of comparisons between the Intel Pentium 4 and the AMD Athlon based systems that I write over the next few months. I plan on updating it from time to time as revisions and new models of both the CPU’s and chipsets are released, but let’s just focus on what is available now to get a peek at what is to come.

Waiting for Palomino
It's the hottest question in the CPU arena (with guessed answers ranging from early October to later this fall): When is AMD going to release its new desktop Athlon based on the Palomino core?

AOpen AK77Plus
Aopen every so often comes out with a showcase mainboard. Special packaging, special features, ect.....The last one I personally got my mits on was Aopen's AX34 Pro, a very nice Socket370 board that we featured here. While rarely on the bleeding edge, Aopen has always had a reputation with me as a company that builds good stable board products. But there have been times, such as with the AX34, where Aopen seemed interested in doing something a little different...A little flashier...

Tyan's Tiger MP: Affordable Multiprocessing
One of the most difficult tasks we have at AnandTech is presenting you with the most complete information for you to base your buying decisions upon. Often times we know about products that will be released months in advance, but are under strict non-disclosure agreements not to reveal such information.

Asus A7V266 Motherboard
The A7V266 is Asus's newest foray into the DDR market after their very successful A7M266 and A7A266 motherboard products. This new board uses the newer Via Apollo KT266 chipset consisting of the VT8366 Super Northbridge and the VT8233 Southbridge. While many gamers and overclockers have the A7M266 and have been very happy with it, many were disappointed that multiplier adjustments weren't included (unless you do the solder job on the board and effectively destroy your warranty and/or the board).

Tyan Tiger K7MP (S2460)
AMD's mission to break its mold of being only a desktop processor company has been a successful one to say the least. Pairing up with Tyan to release a dual-Athlon motherboard that is a Cadillac of a product, about the only thing it's missing is the north star system. The TK7 has every option you would need to deploy it into a server. These luxuries came at a price, but hey you get what you pay for.

Evolution of the AMD platform
When AMD launched its Athlon processor two years ago, only one platform was available: its PC100 SDRAM-based AMD-750 chipset. In a similar fashion, only one platform was AMD's preferred solution for their "Thunderbird" Athlon processor, VIA's KT133 chipset (although AMD's 750 chipset and VIA's KX133 chipset were also available as short-term solutions). Today, there are over half a dozen choices available for AMD's latest processor, roughly half of these chipsets support DDR memory. This figure doesn't even include NVIDIA's upcoming nForce chipset, or VIA's KT266A chipset. Motherboards for both of these platforms will be available shortly.

MSI K7T266 Pro Motherboard
Today we are putting one of MSI's bestsellers through the torturing we tend to put on motherboards, namely the MSI KT266 Pro. MSI was one of the first manufacturers to release a socket A motherboard that was capable of using DDR memory, and they did a pretty good job with it too.

Guest Opinion: The New Alliance of Microsoft-AMD-NVDIA?
There is a new team in town. No more Wintel. The partnership of Microsoft, AMD, and nVidia has been busy at work on a vast array of hardware products that are going to be tightly integrated with Microsoft's new operating system and its media services. This is Hailstorm - the XP project.

Shuttle's AV40R motherboard DDR, P4, RAID, ASAP
SHUTTLE STUNNED US recently with the quality of its AK31 motherboard, one of the best Athlon motherboards on the market. My review of the board was positive, and soon afterward, I put an AK31 in my own personal system. I haven't regretted it. We then made the AK31 a part of our School Box spec, recommending it unreservedly to our readers. The AK31 was a watershed for Shuttle, whose products haven't always endeared themselves to serious PC hobbyists.

The ever-plummeting prices of PC memory never cease to amaze me. I remember back in 1993 or so when I was running a small PC support business, a standard when pricing up PC quotes was AUD $1000 for 8x 1MB 30-pin SIMMS. I remember the excitement and genuine amazement when RAM dropped below the $100/MB mark. A few years later towards the end of the 72-pin EDO era, it dropped below $10/MB.

Up to now the FIRM SOYO was always known for high-quality and first of all stable Boards. The products fulfilled this objective mostly with bravado and lay according to performance always very well. Although the previous SOYO products often had Overclocking potential by their(her) equipment, this was mostly only a nice side effect.

Abit KG7-RAID Review for Hexus.net
It seems that Abit have entered this class of motherboard market later than the others. Epox have had their 8K7A and 8K7A+ boards out for a while and Asus with the A7M266 which has been out for quite a few months, all based on a hybrid AMD/VIA chipset, utilising AMD761 northbridge and the ubiquitous VIA 686B southbridge.

Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Motherboard
Soyo Computer Inc. has been around for the past 16 years. Originally established in 1985 and based in Taiwan, Soyo now has over 400 employees and branches in 6 different countries. Soyo can definitely lay claim to being a true global computer component manufacturer.


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Kanál AvantGo

20:26 Recenze a testy
12:57 AMD IDE driver v1.40C
22:29 Hercules Kyro drivery
22:19 Abit KT7 série BIOS v4A
18:24 Athlon XP
18:24 Recenze a testy
18:22 i845 a i850 nemají rádi AGP 2x
18:22 Nové 3Dfx ovladače
18:22 Directx 8 Release Candidate 1 (Sept 28) Build (0695)

Nejrychlejší CPU pro pracovní stanice
Společnost Intel uvedla nejrychlejší procesor pro pracovní stanice na světě. Předpokládaný nárůst výkonu přitom přesáhne 10 procent.

20:01 Recenze a testy
20:00 VIA vs Intel: bitva pokračuje
17:48 Ceny noveho Athlonu XP
11:51 GeForce Tweak Utility v3.1 RC1
09:14 ECS Elitegroup K7S5A BIOS
08:51 FIC VC11 a VC31 BIOS

Pozor na zničení AGP!
Známý výrobce grafických karet, společnost PowerColor, pronesla včera varování: v žádném případě neinstalujte žádné karty, které nepodporují AGP 4x do základních desek, postavených na čipových sadách i845 a i850!

Tyan Tiger K7MP - 2x CPU AMD Athlon MP 1,2GHz
Pokud vám ani výkon dnešních špičkových procesorů nestačí a potřebujete postavit například velice výkonný server, budete asi potřebovat dva procesory. K tomu vám dopomůže tato základní deska...

Pozor na SiS !
Nesmělé plány týkající se 50% ovládnutí trhu s čipovými sadami dostávají jasnější obrysy. Na trhu se má totiž objevit nový čipset určený pro Pentium 4, který bude více než zdatnou konkurencí.

20:22 Recenze a testy
20:09 Nové DRDRAM PC1066
11:09 HP ScanJet drivery
10:40 AMD propustí 15% zaměstnanců
10:39 Promise FastTrak driver v2.00.0 build 15
10:17 ATi odpoví na GeForce Titanium
09:57 Nvidia nforce konečně tady

26.09.2001 - Novinky - Více o chipsetu SiS645
26.09.2001 - Novinky - Serial ATA řadiče ke konci roku
26.09.2001 - Novinky - Několik zajímavostí od Intelu
26.09.2001 - Novinky - Mobilní Northwood

Nové CD MP3 (a WMA) přehrávače Rivolt konečně v ČR
Firma Sonicblue avizovala uvedení nové řady CD přehrávačů RIOVOLT již začátkem roku. Avšak cesta ze světového trhu na náš český bývá dlouhá. Ten kdo nezakoupil některý z nových přístrojů na některém z velkých ishopů v zahraničí má tedy teď možnost u nás. Pojďme si nyní nové výrobky z oblasti MP3 hardware představit.

Chipset SiS 650 v říjnu
O chipsetu Intel i845 jsme tu již psali. O žalobě Intel vs. VIA a naopak také, a právě zde jsme naznačili, že by z toho všeho mohla prifitovat SiS s jejím chipsetem 650. Podívejme se tedy trochu i na něj.

Nová verze ovladače pro podporu chipsetu VIA (4IN1 v4.33)

Extrémny test procesorov: Pentiá prežili, Athlony zhoreli
Je všeobecne známe, že procesory firmy Intel produkujú menej tepla a nepotrebujú tak veľmi chladiť ako procesory od spoločnosti AMD. Tento test to nielen potvrdil, ale navyše ukázal, čo sa stane, ak procesor pri plnom zaťažení stratí akúkoľvek možnosť chladenia.

Intel ruší Foster 2 GHz Jak jsme původně očekávali, Intel měl koncem srpna vydat další procesor Xeon s taktovací frekvencí 2 GHz a jádrem Foster.

20:49 Recenze a testy
12:54 Cenový přehled - 39.týden
12:37 SiS 630/730 driver v2.03
09:58 Nové BIOSy pro Microstar
09:52 ESS Allegro/Maestro 2000/XP WDM driver
09:25 Nvidia Detonator v15.30
09:01 ATi Radeon ovladače
04:38 Nvidia má stále problémy s nForce

25/09 Procesory v plechovkách
25/09 Kingmax DDR 300
25/09 Pentia 4 s rychlejší FSB
25/09 Srovnání herních konsolí


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